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What is Gamesome?

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Gamesome is a software consultant company with a long term goal to grow into developing our own products.

The plan is to work in cycles alternating between consulting and trying out product ideas.

The consultant cycles will finance the product cycles and provide an environment of validating these ideas.

The product cycles will give us experience that we can use to help customers build better products.

How Gamesome can help


Software development and building products is our core business. We think software is about solving real problems in a creative and practical way.

Product Management

The end goal of all software is to solve human problems. The user perspective and the business side of software development is something we have experience with.


Software is built by people. Getting people to work together in synergy towards a common goal is both productive and rewarding.


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E-Space Survey Manager

E-Space is a company that offers online surveys for their customers to engage with users in order to improve their websites, products and services. E-Space helps their customers to design engaging surveys, analyze the responses, present aggregated results and suggest improvements. They use a proprietary tool called “Survey Manager” to publish surveys, collect and analyse responses.

In order to scale their business they wanted to make the Survey Manager available for customers to publish their own surveys and get an overview of the response data. Additionally they wanted to help their customers make sense of the data and find insights into their users behaviours. E-Space then relied on their own expertise to provide deeper analysis and suggest improvements.

E-Space reached out to us in order to help them with this transformation and it was quite an interesting assignment, where we had to use our entire toolkit from development, through UX design and product management.

Firstly, the Survey Manager had to be visually and functionally redesigned to cater to both the expert analysts at E-Space, and newer less experienced users.

Secondly, we needed to automate and simplify some workflows performed by the analysts that the new users expected to be able to do themselves.

Finally, we had to rework pricing and marketing strategies where license fees and expert services should complement each other to provide a good customer experience.

Bathroom Finder

Bathroom Finder is a community driven app that helps new parents find a good place to change a diaper. It is completely free and available for iOS and Android.

Building this app solved a real life problem and provided a learning experience of developing and releasing a cross platform app built with flutter.